Writing from my heart….

Normally, we use team words, eg we, us, our. Today the boss will write from his heart so it will be all I, me and my!! Here I go…

This week it is Blog’s first birthday so I thought it would be a good moment to reflect. It is also almost exactly two years since we a large part of the Hourcat Sud block was bought and the project was born. So much change in such a short time!

From the start, we set a challenging vision, comprising a 3 part strategy. Good Fruit, Expert Vinification and Focused Market access. From a patch of pesticide and herbicide drenched terroir, essentially dead of all wildlife, we have started a journey of organic conversion. Bees thrive, the vines breathe again – the change is dramatic. Pascale’s hard work, detailed care and passion are easy for everyone to see. When combined with Albane’s winemaking skills, our first wine the 2010 Cabernet Franc is an unimaginable achievement.

Marketing is always the tough bit for an engineer. Tricia’s incredible design for the logo got it started – the brand was born. Nathalie, Lauren and David2’s combined efforts and intuition in social media have fuelled the marketing and communication efforts, starting with the Facebook page, then the blog, web site and now into our YouTube channel. Activity and interest in our unique proposition is growing exponentially ahead of the arrival and launch of the wine into Australia later in 2011.

My passion and mission is to protect the local heritage in our community, Cardan and maintain a sustainable rural environment. I hope that commitment is reflected in our first video. I am so very proud of what team Paradise Rescued has achieved so far. You are winners. Just to think, this journey has only just begun. Thank you to my family for all the support as I live such a wonderful dream and journey. When the price of failure is so high, there is no alternative but to succeed.