Church and Vineyard Double Sustainability Visit Experience

We are excited to announce our Paradise Rescued Double Sustainability Experience visit and tour at Cardan. From June 6th , with the permission of our commune of Cardan, a new Paradise Rescued visit / tour – Double Sustainability Experience – will commence, allowing visitors to walk through both vineyards plus winery and take a guided visit into the 12th century church of Saint Saturnin in Cardan which overlooks our Cabernet Franc vineyard. The 2.5 – 3 hour experience visits will conclude with a tasting of the award-winning wines outside the winery doors.

Cardan Church Bordeaux France entrance and bell tower.

The romanesque entrance and archway into the Cardan 12th century village Church with its bell tower above.

We have named the visits the “Double Sustainability Experience” as they will focus on two different aspects of the Paradise Rescued mission, which is to sustain the rural heritage of the village of Cardan and produce fine organic Bordeaux wine. Since commencing operation in 2010, Paradise Rescued has only practiced organic viticulture and winemaking and was certified as an organic producer by ECOCert in 2016.

“Sustainability is more than just being green and improving the environmental performance aspects of our operation. It is also about taking care of our community.” commented Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard. “Through our visitor experience programme, we aim to attract visitors to our village and hence contribute back to our community to safeguard both the church and the environment that it sits in. The church of Saint-Saturnin is a hidden gem.  Its position and its heritage relative to our community, have been a key motivation to our Paradise Rescued mission and sustainability values.”

Inside the 12th century medieval church of Saint Saturnin in Cardan Bordeaux.

Inside the 12th century church of Saint Saturnin in the village of Cardan Bordeaux.

The church dates back to its 12th century foundations and still displays many original Romanesque architectural features in excellent condition, including the front door archway, bell tower and adornments. A significant southerly extension was added in 1685 and other major changes were also made in the second half of the 19th century before the church status was relegated to a refuge. Then internal decoration and continual upgrades through its history have created a unique and breathtaking experience. Religious services are still held on an as required basis. Since 1927, the church has been listed and protected as a French National monument.

Visits inside the church can now be made by appointment through Paradise Rescued and the web site booking tool.