Our Community and Sustainability

ZERO HARM – our policy for Health, Safety and the Environment

Together, we take action, implement policies and systems so that Paradise Rescued achieves:-

  • ZERO:  Accidents
  • ZERO:  Injuries or illnesses
  • ZERO:  Environmental damage
  • ZERO:  Regulatory breaches

as the result of our activities

ZERO HARM is our vision

The village of Cardan

This is our beautiful village of Cardan, with some 300 people, located some 35km SE from Bordeaux on the low hills of the right northerly bank of the River Garonne. The village contains a heritage protected 12th century church in the northern part. Many of the local inhabitants have become our friends and inspired us to maintain and sustain the use this piece of paradise for as long as possible. The community of Cardan and their support is effectively our measure of success.


Several factors go towards making a business operation sustainable. In the medium term, it must make a profit or else it cannot exist – even if it is a family business. At the same time, it is our aim to protect the environment where we operate, look after the safety and health of our team as well as respect, involve and help the community where we operate.

Environmental Protection

We will do as much as possible to maintain and protect the beautiful environment where Paradise Rescued has been created and to minimize all impacts on that environment where possible. Our first major step has been to convert the vineyard over to organic culture of the vines and winemaking. Consequently all herbicides and pesticides are excluded and treatments are limited to mild inorganic products. This will provide a safe and healthy environment for our community to raise their families and, at the same time, enable the wildlife and natural ecosystem to re-establish itself.