B1ockOne 2010

B1ockOne 2010 Bordeaux Cabernet Franc is almost a unique wine from the world’s most prestigious and largest vineyards. Cabernet Franc is one of the three top grape varieties used in Bordeaux blends but less well known than Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Less than a dozen 100% Bordeaux Cabernet Franc wines are produced.

Our 2010 wine – formerly sold under the Cloud9 name – is a rare Bordeaux full varietal wine that is absolutely at its peak now. The colour is a classic Cabernet Franc light bright red with an elegant nose of red currant and cherry finesse. The taste is smooth, with gentle tannins and beautiful integrated oak complexity. The spicy flavour lingers gently but long on the palate. An excellent aperitif or food wine to serve with white meat, stronger fish dishes, pasta and mild cheese.

ABV 12.5%

Owner’s Comments

“The 2010 B1ockOne was our first vintage in Cardan Bordeaux. We were very proud of what we achieved in 9 months of work and this was a sensational way to start our history. Under the Cloud9 label this wine won a Bronze Medal at the 2016 Melbourne International Wine Competition.” David Stannard, Owner.