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Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard welcomes you to Club Paradise Rescued.

Welcome to Club Paradise Rescued.

This page is for our Club Paradise Rescued members. If you would like to join our Club, receive a FREE copy of our #WineTips and take advantage of our Special Offers, then please fill in the “Join our Wine Club” panel to the right of this page.

Thank you for your support of our micro vineyard winery and niche brand. Our mission is to sustain the beautiful rural heritage of the village of Cardan, Bordeaux where Paradise Rescued was founded and our vineyards and winery are situated. Club Paradise Rescued is small group of wine lovers, customers, fans and supporters from around the world who like what we are doing, love our wine and who want to help in some way.

In addition to our monthly news update, we will also share exclusively here with our members our NEW regular Inside Paradise vlogs so you can listen to our boss or a member of the Paradise Rescued team talk about what’s new and why it’s happening! These videos are available here only to our Club Paradise Rescued members.

Here are a couple of Club Member exclusive excerpts of our two books…

Once again, welcome to Club Paradise Rescued.

David Stannard, Founder Director Paradise Rescued


The community of Cardan Bordeaux working together to bring in the harvest form our organic Cabernet Franc vineyard.

We welcome your thoughts, feedback and help. Many of the Club members help with Paradise Rescued projects ranging from harvesting to marketing or simply donating their expertise and encouragement! I look forward to hearing from you and making your membership of our Club a rewarding experience and excellent story.