We find a bird’s nest in the vines….fruit still looking great.

You may recall our mini blog and excitement some months back when we found a ladybird back in the vines. Sœur Petite joined Pascale and I for the final inspection of the vines before harvesting and we found a bird’s nest on top of the main spur of one of the vines. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t put your nest there if you were expecting a blast of pesticide any time soon!! This is clear evidence that the Paradise Rescued organic approach is working well, restoring a healthy ecosystem in the vineyard.

And as I walk around our beautiful village, I have made a closer comparison of the quality of our fruit against that of our neighbours. I think we can be very proud of our results. But better still, the attention to detail – selective lower leaf removal to allow more sunlight in, trimming out unripened grapes and late flowering green grapes high in each vine – will hopefully give us a very good first wine in 2010.

And once again thank you Sœur Petite for the great photo work – I know how many of you love watching the progress through her pictures. Here’s the link to see them all.