Update from the vineyard. And then logistics and marketing…

Pascale emailed us this week to give an update from the vines in Hourcat Sud. Essentially all the vines have now been pruned with their two remaining old shoots standing vertically, awaiting the start of spring before they are tied back to the horizontal wires and can form the bases from which the new shoots will grow. Our main concern this year will be any late frosts that could damage the new buds. The vines are already quite well advanced as the relatively mild winter weather conditions have not forced the sap to retreat so deeply into the vines.

Albane confirms excellent progress in the winery – the maturation of our wine in the oak barrels is holding up nicely.

At the other extreme end of the project, we are now busy working with potential French and Australian companies to put together our supply chain that will take the wine from Cardan to Melbourne. In between, there are new issues such as customs duties to pay, labeling rules to be followed, export / import permits to be secured, etc. At the same time, we have been taking time with potential local wine merchants in Melbourne to understand their specific requirements and how best to position our fabulous 2010 Cabernet Franc in the market here, where Bordeaux wines are viewed very traditionally in comparison to locally produced wines.