The table grapes are ready, some amazing amazing people….

Speaking to Pascale this week, she tells me that the table grapes in the bottom section of Hourcat Sud, near to the stream, are ready for picking and eating. To our fans and friends in Cardan, please pick them before the birds get there!!

What a pleasure it has been this week to meet a number of people in such a short space of time whose impact on Paradise Rescued could be significant. Last Saturday morning, we had coffee with acclaimed Australian painter / artist Dawn Csutoros who wants to use Paradise Rescued, Cardan as a base for her work in early 2011.

I flew to Brisbane on Sunday, where I lunched with Tricia Wiles of Sweet Graphic Design to launch our wonderful brand logo and discuss future developments. I reflected on just how far Paradise Rescued has come with Tricia’s help. 9 months ago, she started with a blank page for a wine label, now we have a logo, a brand and a stronger vision of the future. We have asked Tricia to write a few lines in one of the future blog notes.

On Monday night, I had the pleasure to introduce and meet Geoff Knight, a « bad boy » New Zealander who is taking his life from violent « bikie » to world class opera tenor singer. What can we achieve if….. ? And finally, Wednesday back in Melbourne, a 3 hour mini seminar with Paul Tebo, American authority on strategies to further develop Sustainability, where he posed me the question « what is REALLY our product ? » Very good question for a future blog, I believe.

At every meeting, another amazing person adds another dimension to the future of Paradise Rescued. Thank you.