The Christmas Video Blog: we hope you’re on #Cloud9!

At this time of year, there are only a couple of words left to say. We will leave it until the following blog to provide a summary of this year’s operations – good and not so good! Together with our plans and goals for 2012.

What we should say this week is that – despite several challenges – Paradise Rescued has an amazingly talented, persistent and loyal team. Together with the support of our local community and the commune of Cardan, the support and encouragement of so many friends (new and old) around the world, our patient suppliers and our future customers who are excitedly awaiting the arrival of #Cloud9 here in Australia, you have made this an amazing project and incredible experience.

The music playing from the computer is “Reach Out (and touch somebody)” by Australian band Noiseworks – we love this piece of music as it symbolises a significant part of our mission, what we want to achieve and what is important at this time of year. To everyone, thank you for your incredible support in 2011. We look forward to being together and working together again in 2012.

Merry Christmas everybody and have a healthy happy prosperous New Year.