Thank you David2, back at the desk…

Thank you to David2 for standing in for me last weekend whilst I was away. And for the very kind words he wrote about Paradise Rescued. One of the greatest pleasures of this project is watching the personal development of our “team” members as we move forward and realise higher levels of quality, excellence and achievement. As one of the younger members of the “team”, David2 is in a very fortunate position. Youth has many advantages – loads of good new ideas, courage, no fear of failure, etc. And in a small organisation, he can participate “hands on” in the development of a new business and hence increase his business learning at a faster pace than most. One day in the future, he will be an outstanding marketer. We appreciate David’s energy, his ability to see the potential of social networking tools (Facebook, Blog, Twitter) together with colour media as key parts of a market development and community strategy for Paradise Rescued. It has also been very useful to have someone with practical IT skills on hand, bags of enthusiasm and loads of ideas to challenge our way forward towards the vision. Thank you, David. It’s great to have you on the “team”.

As always, travel presents a great opportunity to read, think and reflect. Many of my French colleagues have widely differing views on the magazine Revue du Vin de France (RVF). As a subscriber and reader for more than 6 years, it has been a source of inspiration and motivation to get Paradise Rescued into operation, showing me as a novice what can be achieved by setting a very big vision for our future – “If someone else can do it, so can we!!” I also recognise that RVF has its favourites and key alliances. However, I have picked up a number of very interesting issues from the last two numbers, related to how we have made our 2010 Cabernet Franc wine, the secret organic producers of Bordeaux and some of the stars of organic / biodynamic wine across France. I can’t wait to share some of these goodies with you next week.

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