Our 2010 harvest is declared, thank you Rockford Winery…

Our 2010 harvest volume has been declared to French customs on Wednesday night – never an easy process when you do it for the first time. But, we are now registered for the future. The Customs team at Langon were very kind and patient. Thank you.

We are big fans of Rockford Wines in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, famous for their Basket Press Shiraz. The 2001 we drank last Sunday night was beautiful. I have followed their progress and bought every one of their last 15 vintages from this private traditional quality focussed winery. I have enormous respect for Robert O’Callaghan, who has built the business from nothing. Robert talks openly in his newsletters – I like that sustainable approach. The wine business in Australia currently reflects France and Europe. Too much poor quality wine has pulled the market down to unacceptable price levels. In Australia, the last two years have been the worst – the malaise in Europe has been going on much longer.

Robert makes a very wise comment in his newsletter “A strength of Rockford is that we always have a plan for the future.” On the wall to my right is the Paradise Rescued Vision. I immediately realise that the expiry date is less than a month away and although a huge amount of what we set out to achieve has happened, we need to reset our vision – and include our wonderful logo! Team Paradise Rescued: an email is on its way!! Like all young businesses, there are challenges. 2011 will be ours, but with a clear vision and the success of our achievements in 2010, then the future is very very positive.

And here is the link to Rockford wines – http://www.rockfordwines.com.au/