One era comes to a close, another season begins…

I am sad to report that earlier this week we said farewell to one of Paradise Rescued’s greatest fans and, for me personally, a wonderful mentor, coach and best friend. Your memory inspires us to succeed even more. Thank you Dad for everything.

Pascale is back in the vines. The new season has begun and the pruning of the vines is under way. To reduce the health risks and help this manual work, Pascale now uses a set of electrically powered scissors. As we continue to develop the vines and vineyard for the future, she also uses a hand saw to remove old, dead and stubborn pieces of vine. Every vine receives individual attention and careful orientation as we seek to encourage the best and most vigorous for each plant this year and the following year. I plan to bring you our first home made video clip in a week or two so that our fans can appreciate the detail and hand crafted skill that goes into shaping each individual plant in our Hourcat Sud block.

And in the meantime, Sœur Petite’s wonderful pictures tell the story..