No frost please, our buds are bursting!!

Every phase of the viticultural year has its challenges. 2011 will not be any different. Winter in Cardan wasn’t exceptionally cold and the sap has risen fast in each plant. The start of Spring has been sunny and warm and our vines are starting to burst. The optimism for the new season has to be cautious, as this can be a very dangerous time of year. Often, with clear sunny days, come cold nights with open skies – the risk of frost and potential damage to young buds is high. For the moment the weather forecasts are good with daytime temperatures expected to reach 28°C and most nights no lower than 6 -10°C. Fingers crossed!

Pascale continues to prepare the vines and soil for the summer ahead. Albane made her first full organic vineyard assessment last week. She has commented positively on the continuing change in soil activity and vegetation (less horsetails, more clover) that shows a progressive improvement from the years of chemical intoxication.

Only 2 weeks to go and we will be back on site in Cardan!! Yeaah!