Never think a duck on water is doing nothing!!

We were thinking about what we could write in this week’s blog. On the surface nothing seems to be happening, but underneath every part of the team is active taking Paradise Rescued to the next level. A lot of activity does not always mean strong progress and quite often the reverse may be true! It is not yet appropriate for us to report everything that is currently happening although I can say that you will be excited as the news breaks over the coming months, as we bring the 2010 Cabernet Franc to market and continue to build the long term Sustainability of the project.

It is another very exciting period for Paradise Rescued. Speaking with Pascale, she tells me that everything is going well in the vineyard as spring starts to break. She is finishing the maintenance (stakes, trellis) in Hourcat Sud in preparation for the growing season ahead. Her passion, detail and ever-growing viticultural knowledge gives us enormous confidence no matter what the season brings us. The slow but successful transition to a fully organic vineyard continues to advance. We continue to see changes week by week. The “bad weeds” that prosper in strong herbicide environments are receding and Pascale is sowing more wild flowers in their place.

2011 is already looking very positive – the prospects are excellent.