Media review – scanning the net

While continuing to work on bringing you our first video clip, it has been interesting scanning the internet to see the reaction to Paradise Rescued. We are naturally pleased that with the launch of our web site, our name is much more “visible” to search engines – a critical factor in promoting our brand and assisting our marketing efforts.

Justine Condamine, a second year student at the ISEG Bordeaux Business School, has written an interesting observation on their blog. She quotes Paradise Rescued as an example of a new young producer looking to establish our brand using all the latest e-tools. The full story of how we got started on Facebook and then progressed to a blog, followed by Twitter and most recently our web site is interesting but too long to relate here! Initially, we simply wanted to connect with our community in Cardan – a key cornerstone of being Sustainable – and to keep friends and potential clients up to date with developments. But yes, we have come to realise that with a beautiful logo, a good wine and a passion for excellence about everything we do, that today’s electronic media gives us a great opportunity to build a respected quality brand in a cost effective but modern way. Thank you Justine for your wisdom and blog post. Here is the link (sorry in French!):-

Amusingly, but kindly I think, has attached a comment to the blog and when you check out our details, our Cardan vineyard has moved in Finland!! Anyone for ice wine Cabernet Franc?