Maintaining Sustainability on the agenda

Ten days ago, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Maree Lang, Principal of Melbourne based Sustainability consulting firm MLG Consulting, wine lover and fan of Paradise Rescued. In her recent past, Maree had the responsibility for developing the Sustainability Leadership Framework for Australia’s Plastics and Chemical Industry (PACIA).

From day 1, starting with our decision to be an organic wine producer, Paradise Rescued has consistently looked to PACIA’s Framework as a benchmark of Sustainability principles around which we should shape our organisation. Its nine key priority areas can be applied to almost any organisation wishing to be sustainable.

Maree has recently returned from a big tour around Australia, taking in many of the country’s best (and least good!) sights. One of our common observations is that the global financial crisis has frozen the debate around sustainability as harsher economic times have once again placed personal survivability ahead of the longer term global needs. We had all hoped that the apparent greed that got the world into this economic corner might become a thing of the past as we emerged. I hope that I am wrong but I currently see little evidence. In all such moments, one must stand up and lead from the front. We will. And we look forward sometime to having Maree visit Cardan and review our practices and help us set stronger goals for our Sustainability.

Countdown to Cardan D-7!