Introducing Sue Gregory… and the story of the paper napkin!!

You may have seen the pictures of Sue a few weeks back – I’ll publish one of them here again. Sue was the “spark” that made Paradise Rescued happen. Her skill as a leadership coach is in empowering other people to believe that they can create something very special, that they can turn a dream into reality AND giving them the tools to achieve that.

It was through Sue’s coaching that the business plan, name and strategy for Paradise Rescued came to life. We have invited her to share an important part of the history of Paradise Rescued. Here are a few words from Sue…….

“Are you one of those people who feels a little frustrated or stuck, that you could be doing something more, something that makes you feel excited about living? That’s an excellent place to start because it means you are ready to grow and begin your journey. And that’s where David began too.

During a safety coaching session for his work, I asked him what it was that he really enjoyed. His eyes lit up and he spoke of his land in SW France, his love of wine and the beautiful country lifestyle. By the look on his face I knew that we had hit on a passion. As we talked further, his values began to come out: – his love of the local community, the time he and his family spend with friends and his desire to protect the environment and beauty of the local area where he lives. Creating Paradise Rescued has become a way to sustain all those values and at the same time develop something of real value to the community.

David took out a pen, opened the napkin on the table where we were eating and drew some pictures. With further discussions, those images became a clear vision or a strategy of what he wanted his business to look like. The dream moved forward….

It’s living proof of what is possible when you try to look deeply and find a purpose that really inspires you in your life.”

That vision became the “Strategy on a Page” that is our business plan that you can see on our Facebook page – see hotlink in the right hand margin of this blog. Part of the reason for our sharing this story is to encourage friends, fans, suppliers and customers of Paradise Rescued to live their dreams too and achieve their full potential. We would like you to be also part of that journey. That’s also what being “sustainable” is all about – it’s all part of the same journey.

You can read more of this story and access Sue Gregory Healthy Outlook by clicking the hotlink here

A bientot, David