Guest Blogger David 2

Hello! David S is currently away seeing to some family issues in the United Kingdom, he has asked Lauren and I to keep the blogasphere alive and kicking. This is me on the right examining a fine bottle of French wine on my last trip to Cardan.

Quickly an update about the Vines! One of David 1’s next door neighbours has been over to the Winery to see how it’s going and for a small taste of the grapes, they said it was “fantastic”. So if that’s anything to go by Paradise Rescued’s first red wine will be a winner, with at least 4 gold medals. Hopefully in the coming week the Heating will be functioning effectively enough to allow the malolactic fermantation to begin and continue.

My name is David C, more fondly known as David 2, and I’ve been involved with Paradise Rescued from Day 0.
I was supporting at the beginning when David 1 decided that he was going to take a small patch of grapes and turn them into red wine, and i’ve been there and seen the passion behind Paradise Rescued. If we could bottle the passion that David has and sell that it would be the equivalent of an award winning Château d’Yquem. I hope that those of you reading this will understand the amount of hard work that David 1 puts into this project, I have never seen someone quite like David 1, always thinking and needing something to do.

What’s my role in the future of Paradise Rescued? Well apart from dating the David 1’s daughter, I like to think of my roll as the brainstormer, the one who comes up with CRAZY and wacky ideas to challenge the fantastic mind of David 1. I have a online background, and i work with computers on a daily basis so i know alot about online marketing through facebook, twitter, blogspot, youtube to name a few. I would say i have challenged David 1 with his ideas and pushed the boundary of what he expected.

So what can you expect from Paradise Rescued in future? Well from what i see here… ALOT!