Confusion???, Pressure rising and Ch. Coutet

To start this week, an apology. I think we may have confused our fans? In order to maintain a better history of Paradise Rescued, we now post our notes / blogs to our blogsite and link our Facebook fans to that page via a hotlink, which is shown on Facebook. I am not sure that it was clear that you have to click the link to read the full note? I will reword the link “Full article” this time. My apologies … and never fear all the notes are always in the blogsite.

The pressure is growing to convert the garage into a winery. We now have builders drawing up plans and quotes and we should be able to get started in late August. The doors will be changed, window replaced, the inside roof space insulated, paint, etc. Just got to find a good supplier for the vats and wine making equipment.

A wonderful luxury this week!! We had some business visitors (auditors!!) this week from Europe whom we entertained for dinner on Monday night at the Empire Grill in Geelong. Great meal and the owner offered us a half bottle of Ch. Coutet 1996 from Barsac. Heaven, heaven!! Ch. Coutet is among the top 5 producers of Sauternes / Barsac / the world!! What a real treat and a simply sublime taste. It was so fresh and young, beautifully balanced – it could easily last another 15 years. Another dream for PR?? Ummm!!