A big thank you to Estelle Roumage at Château Lestrille

The long flight back to Australia is always a great time to reflect on what the Paradise Rescued team has achieved over the last 12 months. The results are very impressive wherever one looks. It was great to be able to spend time with Pascale, Albane and Nathalie, thanking them for their leadership and discussing / aligning strategy for the year ahead.

It has also been wonderful to meet (again) and thank many other people who have contributed to our achievements. This includes the commune of Cardan and our neighbours – many of whom participated in the harvest last year, our winery and materials supplier Ets. Lévêque et Fils and our legal banking and accountancy partners in Cadillac and Bordeaux.

It was equally fun to pay my annual visit to Château Lestrille at St. Germain du Puch, which continues to set the benchmark for a high quality successful family winery business. Every aspect of their business reflects the highest level of excellence, from their winemaking to their innovative new shop, loyalty programme, branding and amazing customer service. I want to personally thank Estelle Roumage, dynamic co-proprietor and talented wine maker at Lestrille, for her time, encouragement, inspiration and good advice that she has given to Paradise Rescued. Thanks Estelle, your support has been brilliant.

And if you live locally or are passing on holiday, I highly recommend that you call in at Ch. Lestrille, here is their web site… http://www.lestrille.com/