Passion – make it part of your success trilogy

We talk long hard and frequently about our our Vision and Mission together with our belief that a clear definition of these two key leadership concepts is critical for organisations, businesses and individuals.

Panorama across the Paradise Rescued vineyards

Sunny panorama across the Paradise Rescued vineyards. When a strong Mission and Vision is complimented by Passion, amazing things happen

There is a third component that is equally important in my view – that almost glues the complete package together. If you have put in enough energy and commitment into creating a Vision and Mission, I think it comes naturally. But nevertheless, like any good attitude, it requires nurturing, protecting and continual growth.

That third key element is Passion.

It is one of the kindest compliments that I often receive. “David, you and the Paradise Rescued team are so passionate about what you do!” Thank you, we appreciate that feedback. And indeed it is true. In fact we so love this aspect, attitude and value in our business that we have adopted it into our talks and presentations as part of our “trilogy” of values – Mission Vision Passion – and recently dedicated a separate chapter in our second book.

Why? Because it is critical! Even if you have the best plan, goals direction and dream in the world but no drive to achieve them, then guess what; you won’t succeed. Passion is the attitude, value and magic component that when added to Vision and Mission gives an unstoppable energy.

So what is passion? Populism and the beautiful complexity of the English language have extended the use (misuse?) of the word passion into sexual contextualisation. At its core, passion can be defined as a powerful and compelling emotion or feeling.

B1ockOne Bordeaux CabernetFranc - reflecting our passion

         B1ockOne Bordeaux Cabernet Franc – a reflection of our passion

It is that strong inner motivation and spontaneous feeling about something that naturally compels us to take action, to make things happen and to be continually involved. When we have passion, the word ‘work’ disappears. Effort and activity becomes voluntary, natural and fun.

So where do we find this amazingly powerful component for our lives, projects and families? I believe it actually starts with mission and vision. If you have successfully and clearly created a clear understanding of those two value goals, then most likely you will have automatically developed passion.

And how do we maintain that passion? We simply take a daily review of our Mission and Vision. It’s a continual self-empowering loop. So put it on your daily checklist NOW – do your reviews! A combination of the three values provides a powerful and motivating package that will drive forward an individual or team.

Mission Vision Passion. The leadership success trilogy…

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