Paradise Rescued to present at #SMPros14 Brisbane

Zoe Wyatt, CEO Social Media ShortCut recognises Paradise Rescued as Social Media Professionals

Zoe Wyatt, CEO Social Media ShortCut recognises Paradise Rescued as Social Media Professionals – September 2013.      Teaming up again at #SMPros14 Brisbane

We are proud to announce that we have been asked to present at Social Media Professionals (#SMPros14) Ultimate Training being held this year between the 10-12 September in Brisbane. Led by Zoe Wyatt, CEO Social Media Short Cut and one of Australia’s leading experts and trainers on social media, the three days will take experienced social media marketers to a new advanced level and through the final Masterclass day to the top level of SM marketing.

Last year, we had the pleasure of graduating as a Professional from the course and this time we have been invited back not only to participate in the MasterClass but also to present! What an amazing recognition for our brand and the social media marketing work we have done over the last four years. We have been asked to speak to the title of “Visualising Your Brand” – described in the event program as ‘The power of using visual marketing to build your Brand’. We will talking about the power of consistent branding across social media and traditional marketing and looking at why a brand logo and pictures are such a powerful tool for your brand marketing.

From day 1, Paradise Rescued has always been inspired by the natural beauty and view across our Cabernet Franc Hourcat Sud block in Cardan towards the 12th century church on the westerly hill behind. That image and vision of preserving the heritage of our village in that condition inspires us, and our mission, every day. Which is why the image, that we have included here, sits above my head in the Paradise Rescued offices, both here in France and Australia. It is at the heart of what we do. Pictures in our minds, pictures in our media have immense power. As with our words, we can use images for the force of good or not so good – just watch the TV news tonight and you will quickly understand. As human beings, what we see is a very important stimulus and influence. So with our marketing, we need to positively make use of that piece of human psychology.

The view that inspires us everyday. The Hourcat Sud vineyard and Cardan church.

                               The view that inspires us everyday. The Hourcat Sud Cabernet Franc vineyard and Cardan church

Because of that beautiful image over our vineyard, Paradise Rescued has – since Day 1 – always had a business marketing strategy of using pictures, photos and great artwork alongside our lovely logo as a means of aligning customers and fans to our business as well as trying to stand out from a very crowded wine market place. We so look forward to sharing with the Social Media Professionals MasterClass how we do all that and giving you some strategies and tactics to make the best use of your social media and brand.

Can’t wait to see you all in Brisbane at #SMPros14 – come and join us, it will be so powerful.

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