Paradise Rescued launches BlockTwo MerlotCabFranc


With the opening of the winery in Cardan Bordeaux last month, Paradise Rescued is also proud to announce the launch of our first merlot wine – BlockTwo, a classic Bordeaux blend of 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc. 

Paradise Rescued BlockTwo Merlot CabFranc is launched

In 2011, Paradise Rescued purchased the Hourcat Centre block – to the west off the property / winery – at a critical time after the whole vineyard had been so-called “cut to death” and completely destemmed. At that time, the vineyard comprised one tenth of a hectare of 55 year old merlot vines and two and a half tenths of a similarly aged Sémillon. As work started immediately, it was apparent that whilst the Merlot might be recoverable, the Sémillon could not. A project was launched to dig up the Sémillon, organically recondition the soil and replant with Merlot to create a single varietal block. 

The old Merlot vines were lovingly hand crafted back into full production and their fruit is the base of this first BlockTwo release. From 2017 onwards, initial small quantities of the new vine fruit have been harvested and will contribute to the merlot wine. Full production capacity from new vines will come on stream in 2019 and 2020. 

Commented David Stannard, Paradise Rescued Founder Director “Through our vigneronne Pascale Bervas’ immense patience hard work and skill, we have been able to rejuvenate the old Merlot block and create an integrated high-quality organic vineyard for many years to come. I am excited to see the potential of this vineyard as it develops. I believe the potential quality of our merlot will be very high and create a perfect Bordeaux blend with the already successful Cab Franc.

The Paradise Rescued “Block series” wines at the Cardan Bordeaux winery tasting barrel.

In releasing this new BlockTwo brand, Paradise Rescued is also launching its new labels as the ‘Block series’ brand. Designed by Tricia Wiles, Sweet | Graphic Design Online, the wines have a striking and very contemporary look, making a strong bold statement about the success and quality of the wines. 

The full varietal Bordeaux trailblazer CabernetFranc will be now be branded as B1ockOne in all markets from the 2012 vintage onwards. The 2016 wine has just been successfully released onto the French domestic market. There are less than ten full varietal Cabernet Franc finished wines produced in Bordeaux, despite the region being the world’s largest vineyard for this varietal. 

The Paradise Rescued vineyards have been organically managed since the opening of the niche brand business in 2010 achieving full organic certification (EcoCert) in 2017. The 2012 through 2015 vintages will be released into Australia later this year.

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