Paradise Rescued Q&A: USA Sales Launch

David Stannard, Founder Director Paradise Rescued talks about the USA launch of B1ockOne.

David Stannard, Founder Director Paradise Rescued talks about the launch of B1ockOne Cabernet Franc in the USA.

Last week Paradise Rescued announced that it was open for sales in the USA. In this week’s blog, we interview Founder Director David Stannard about the Paradise Rescued USA project and his thoughts on what is coming next from his focussed niche Bordeaux wine brand.

Q: Firstly congratulations, David, on your opening for sales in the USA. How did this all come about?

DS: Thank you very much. It has all happened very steadily and progressively over a period of time. Despite the impression one might like to take away from the media, a brand is not built overnight. Our team in Cardan, Bordeaux have established a solid quality platform through the organic conversion of the vineyards to create great quality wine. And I have to say that the B1ockOne 2010 full Bordeaux varietal Cabernet Franc is just the beginning. Naturally I have tasted the follow-up vintages and there are great tastes coming.

Q: How did you select to export to the USA as well as Australia?

DS: Good question. No, in reality they selected us! Through our social media strategy and communications, we were contacted by Monika Elling, Founder CEO of Foundations Marketing Group one of New York’s top wine spirits and luxury brand development agencies. That international partnership has essentially created the base for building the Paradise Rescued brand and sales access to market in the USA. Without their help and support, it would have been impossible to do business in the USA.

Q: So now David, tell us. You have wine now for sale on line in the USA for your fans and customers there. But what comes next?

One block One Vineyard One Wine. B1ockOne Cabernet varietal Bordeaux Cabernet Franc

DS: Our 2010 B1ockOne Cabernet Franc is now on sale for shipping from October 1st via in Chester, New Jersey. The reaction and response from our fans and potential USA customers has been very exciting. The next step is to follow up with the import of 2012, 2013 and 2014 wines including for the vintages our first two vintages (2012 and 2014) of Merlot Cabernet Franc. 2012 was the first year that we were able to harvest some Merlot fruit from the rescued Hourcat Centre Old Vine Merlot block. We are very impressed with the fruit and wine tastes we are sampling from this tiny vineyard. And with the replanting of the rest of that 0,35 hectare block starting to grow well, I predict some amazing Merlot wine in the future.

Q: For a tiny winery and brand these are big achievements. What drives the Paradise Rescued team?

DS: Cheers, very kind. And we are certainly not finished by any measure yet although we have no ambitions to be a “big player”. Some growth in size will be good but “niche” remains our focus.

We have a simple mantra: Mission Vision Passion. Our purpose is to sustain the rural heritage of our beautiful village of Cardan Bordeaux. We have a clear picture of what our little business needs to look like and we have a team of passionate people that span the world focussed on achieving that. On the back of these three elements, we have build a very simple set of business strategies from vineyard to winery and market access.

Paradise Rescued - From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc. Now available.

Paradise Rescued – From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc. A second follow up book is planned…

Q: And finally David, we have heard a little rumour that there may be another book about to launch?

DS: Yes, it’s more than a rumour. My second book “It’s not about the Dirt” will be coming out in e-book format early in the 4th quarter. The first book “Paradise Rescued – From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc” has been a great success and in this next book, which has a more small business focussed approach, I talk about the lessons we have learnt and how our strategies led to our connections in New York and the opening for business in the USA.

Q: Can’t wait to read that David! Thank you for talking to us today. And as they say in French – Bonne continuation.

DS: Merci. Un plaisir!

Paradise Rescued B1ockOne Bordeaux Cabernet Franc is available in the USA through

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