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Paradise Rescued B1ockOne Cabernet Franc Bottle & DropStop

We are proud to announce that Paradise Rescued B1ockOne Bordeaux varietal Cabernet Franc is now available for sale in the USA through ShopRiteWines.com in Chester New Jersey, with first shipping available from 1st October.

This is a big moment for our small niche Bordeaux brand that has gone out on a limb to produce an almost unique varietal wine from the short list of permitted grape varieties in the esteemed Bordeaux region and export it into the USA. A huge effort both in the vineyard to convert a rundown vineyard into a top quality block together with many months of marketing work and an award winning marketing small smart budget marketing programme has finally culminated in this outcome with B1ockOne now being available to US customers.

Commenting on this result, Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard said: “B1ockOne showcases the brilliance that is Bordeaux Cabernet Franc when lovingly handcrafted vine by vine. This is great outcome from a small international talented team from our vineyard operations through logistics in France and Australia, our USA partners Foundations Marketing Group and our brand design and marketing personnel. We are already preparing and packaging subsequent vintages to bring to the USA. We look forward to further building our brand in the USA and meeting our customers in the future.

Paradise Rescued #B1ockOne Bordeaux varietal Cabernet Franc

Bordeaux B1ockOne Cabernet Franc in the Hourcat Sud block at Cardan.

Best of all we are succeeding in our mission to sustain the heritage of our village and its rural community in Cardan Bordeaux. I am incredibly proud of what Team Paradise Rescued and our community has achieved together.”

B1ockOne Cabernet Franc is an excellent aperitif or food wine to serve with white meat, stronger fish dishes, pasta and mild cheese. It is perfect wine to serve with Thanksgiving roast turkey.

Buy B1ockOne Bordeaux Cabernet Franc 2010 now at ShopRiteWines.com.

Read more about the story that led to the creation of Paradise Rescued in David Stannard’s book “Paradise Rescued – From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc”.

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