Paradise Rescued Logo Trade Mark Protection

The Paradise Rescued logo is now a protected Trade Mark.

      The Paradise Rescued logo is now a protected Trade Mark.

When we first started the Paradise Rescued project, I never thought that we would ever have the need to do this kind of thing. We hadn’t even dreamt of the idea of having a logo that might require protecting. We were simply focussed on getting the first vintage fruit made and fermented into good wine.

Slowly and steadily as the first vintage began to look promising and we needed a logo or symbol for our organisation, the amazing Paradise Rescued logo that Tricia Wiles at Sweet Graphic Design had created, started to gain importance.

Recently when we studied what our business had achieved in its first five years and where we might have an edge over our competition, we came to the conclusion that our difference was our brand. And of course at the heart of that brand is our logo, as it is the symbol by which people can recognise us.

The Paradise Rescued logo adding that special touch

    The Paradise Rescued logo adding that special quality touch

The feedback about our logo continues strongly, reflecting the detail and attention that created it and our community’s careful selection from a number of options. It also superbly reflects our values; our focus on quality and excellence, sustainable development, community and the environment.

We now realise that although our vineyard land is ‘unique’ because of its location, it has no special advantage over our neighbours. Our organic hands on viticulture and wine making is different to our close neighbours but not so different from a large number of good Bordeaux producers.

The only thing that is truly unique is our brand. And hence the critical need to protect it and as much as possible that goes with it. Effectively our brand is our intellectual property. On April 13th, our logo – our trademark – was registered as a Trade Mark in Australia under class 33 (Alcoholic beverages including wine). A similar trademark protection has already been filed in the USA and European Union.

Copiers beware – it’s ours!

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