Grape Moments: Paradise Rescued, brand or sales?

Paradise Rescued Cloud9 Cabernet Franc

Paradise Rescued Cloud9 Cabernet Franc

As we continue to work with many different experts in wine and viticulture worldwide, I was challenged by a blog (and follow up tweet!) written by Monika Elling, CEO of leading New York based Wine and Spirits marketing and communications company Foundations Marketing Worldwide effectively asking her audience of wine producers / marketers as to whether they are building a brand or merely just trying to sell the next batch of product into the USA.

The tweet read “….Brand is the answer, period. Or you are replaceable? A commodity?” Time to stop and reflect a little, I thought! It was one of those “Aha” moments calling me to reflect on our vision, think what we have achieved so far and perhaps refocus for the future. Some interesting thoughts emerged.

Paradise Rescued Tee Shirt - Harvest Day 2012 Cardan

Paradise Rescued T Shirt – Harvest Day 2012 Cardan

The corner stone of everything Paradise Rescued does is Sustainability. We may have started out by “just wanting to maintain the vineyard” in Cardan but inevitably in order to realise that goal, we have to pay for that pleasure and that implies a commercial focus, marketing and selling wine. Given our starting position in the vineyards, we had hoped to simply make reasonable wine, but we hadn’t counted on an incredible vineyard team producing a very high quality (almost unique) product. We never thought about a lovely logo and what impact that would have on our potential customers and the fact that we were inadvertently creating a brand. As an engineer, none of this used to make any sense. Today, I know it will be our greatest asset – and I proudly wear our brand every single day without exception. Paradise Rescued is and will continue to be promoted as a brand. Our beautiful 100% organically produced Cabernet Franc Cloud9 is therefore a sub brand. Wait until you learn about our new 2012 CabMerlot….

Paradise Rescued Coffee Mug - black on white

Paradise Rescued Coffee Mug – BoW

This means that now we really have a brand and have as much passion for that brand as we do for our wine, we can start to leverage that brand to support the bigger sustainable long term vision. And so you will see on our web site under Sales, we have introduced a Zazzle Paradise Rescued branded products site, operating in four countries around the world. We will be highlighting and sharing a few photos like the Paradise Rescued coffee mug here on our social media sites over the coming weeks.

And for travelling coffee lovers

And for travelling coffee lovers

By the way, we hope you will be able to see some more of Monika Elling’s challenging thinking – we have asked her to be our guest blogger in the coming weeks. We will also be featuring Tricia Wiles from Sweet Graphic Design, who designed our beautiful logo that inspired the development of the brand. Stay tuned and if you don’t want to miss anything, don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter below.

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