Grape moments: J’adore #CabernetDay

Cloud9 and Decanter

A few days after the “big day”, I thought it would be good to reflect our thoughts on the success and sustainability of #CabernetDay. The “after party” talk in the media was all around #CabernetDay founder Rick Bakas and his rhetorical blog “We don’t NEED Varietal days like #CabernetDay” on Rick was in fact replying to that very question that he had been asked in a media interview.

So after a lot of organising, fantastic participation from our fans in person on via virtual connections, what is the Paradise Rescued verdict on #CabernetDay? The Melbourne party was a small gathering of our Facebook fans, friends and the team to present our Cabernet Franc and compare it to many other good wines from Australia. The Wrattonbully Hundred of Joanna CabSav blend and Rutherglen Warrabilla Parola’s Limited Release Cab Sav varietal were exceptional.

Cloud9 through the glass…

What surprised us more than anything else was the feedback….”wow, I didn’t release how soft and light CabFranc could be….I didn’t know CabFranc was produced in Bordeaux….how do you make some a lovely wine organically…how is it possible to get that smoothness of taste?” What a great opportunity for Bordeaux wines, Cabernet Franc, organic viticulture and of course our own #Cloud9.

As we wrote on our Facebook page “We don’t need a lot of things in life! But need, want and like are all different. #CabernetDay was a great opportunity for us to showcase our beautiful #Cloud9 #CabFranc wine and brand plus taste other amazing Cabernets with our team, fans and friends”. It was a great success. I don’t know what the rest of the wine world will be doing on the last Thursday in August 2013…. but Paradise Rescued will be celebrating #CabernetDay!

Long live the new the (new) tradition!

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