#CP2CF – Do you have a Vision?

“If you don’t have a strategy and a plan, either as a business or personally, you won’t know where you are going. If you don’t know where you are going, then you will end up where you are headed! And it may not be that pleasant and it is unlikely to be what you want!

The Paradise Rescued vision led directly to the development of varietal B1ockOne Bordeaux Cabernet Franc.

The Paradise Rescued vision led directly to the development of our varietal B1ockOne Bordeaux Cabernet Franc.

The important things were slowly coming together for the vision. The more Sue and I discussed the project, the clearer our ideas became of what it should look like, what sort of market we wanted to target, what our winery might look like, what our tactical plan would be and most important of all what our values would be! We even designed the culture of the organisation we wanted to achieve, before setting out. These initial, almost purist and philosophical, thoughts have been like guiding beacons for me personally and to Paradise Rescued as an organisation. The Vision (in English) hangs on the wall above my head here in the office in Melbourne. In Cardan the French version hangs on the wall of the lounge, which often doubles as the office since it looks down the driveway across to Hourcat Sud.

From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc - the Paradise Rescued story... so far.

      From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc – our story so far.

As I will write later on in the book, The Vision has become my point of reference. Whenever a challenge or significant question arises, I look at our Vision document and more often than not the answer is there. Just writing this book and sharing what we may have learnt, falls under the value of Openness – our willingness to share what we have learnt – and by being open to other people, we will be able to learn from their much greater wisdom and knowledge. We can then build that into making better fruit, even finer wine and creating a stronger niche brand for our business.

I worked closely with Sue and drew pictures on table covers all over the place! It was a very exciting process to be able to open the windows to the future and let the light in on what Paradise Rescued could and would look like. Almost all of the concepts and pictures that we drew and captured on that Vision drawing have either started to happen or have already become part of the project.”

The above is an excerpt of “From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc” by David Stannard, due for release very soon. Look out for hashtag #CP2CF

Does your organisation have a vision or coherent strategy for where it wants to be and look like? Do you know where you are going? Do you have a Vision?

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