Do we really have to see it, to believe it?

How often have we heard the phrase “I first need to see it in order to believe it”? Good question! But is it true or false?

Stuck? No way forward?

         Blocked? No way forward? Time to get a new mental picture?

As with many things in life it all depends on one’s personal mental perspective. If you believe it, then it is true and that paradigm of thought and belief will continue to feed your actions that indeed you do have to see something first in order to make it happen. But then think a bit further. If we all thought like this, then we would not have put a man on the moon, invented the light bulb or indeed have made any meaningful progress in human civilisation. So how come someone somewhere has a different thought?

Thoreau wrote that “most people live lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them”. Why is that? We certainly don’t deliberately choose to get ourselves into a “comfortable zone” but at the same time we don’t choose to move on and up either. And, to be fair, all of us have a part (bigger or smaller) of our lives in that zone. In that zone of “cognitive paralysis” life is OK, we settle for reasonable rather than the best largely because the motivation to do something different isn’t strong enough to overcome the current alternative, which is not that uncomfortable! Anthony Robbins describes it as the Pain / Pleasure principle, where we are driven to either get away from pain or pull towards pleasure. Between these two opposites sits “cognitive paralysis” – the comfortable zone.

So much better than a block of houses.

A vision for a Cabernet Franc and a community. Much better than a block of houses?

So how do we break out of the paralysis? If as humans we are indeed motivated by having to “see it first” – having that picture we humans can hold in our minds – then we have to first create that future picture clearly in our own minds such that our inner compass and inbuilt goal seeking nature can take over and empower us to take deliberate steps to bring it to fulfilment. This process is called visualisation. Every human can do it if we have some quiet thinking time.

Had it not been possible to have a clear mental picture of the future – “our vision” – there would be no Paradise Rescued today; no beautiful unique Bordeaux organic varietal Cabernet Franc wine; no community working together on a common project and no vines / vineyard to look across every day. A block of houses would have taken that all away. In order to be able to see it, you have to first visualise it (see it in your own mind), then start to believe in it. Only when you can believe it, will you then be able to really see it (as it starts to take shape in reality as you had visualised)! Take the first visualisation step today – it will set your life free.

You can do it!

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