David Stannard Paradise Rescued – the Stevie Award interview

Just 4 weeks ago, Paradise Rescued was awarded the 2016 Silver Stevie International Business Award for Best Small Budget Marketing Campaign of the Year. In our blog post this week we talk to Founder Director David Stannard about what this Stevie Award means for his niche micro brand.

Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard (left) receiving the Stevie Award

Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard (left) receiving the 2016 Stevie International Business Award

Q: Firstly David congratulations to you and your team on your success and the 2016 Stevie Award.

DS: Thank you very much. And indeed, it was very much a team achievement. Stevie International Business Awards are very highly regarded and for such a small organisation to win such recognition alongside and ahead of so many other larger brands is outstanding.

Q: How does it feel?

DS: It hasn’t quite sunk in, to be honest! It is only when I see the video clip of the presentation ceremony that I start to appreciate what it all means and how it acts so positively for our brand. As always, we have to remember to keep our feet firmly on the ground and push forward with our Mission. The award is excellent news for the visibility and promotion of Paradise Rescued as well as firm evidence that we are on the right path.

Q: David, tell us a little about the winning Paradise Rescued Stevie Award entry.

DS: Our winning entry was entitled “Niche Luxury Bordeaux Wine goes to New York”. It is our marketing campaign to launch sales of our B1ockOne Cabernet Franc and the Paradise Rescued brand into the USA market. We showcase the different integrated steps that we took including our upgraded web site, first book and video, social media campaigns, refreshed branding, packaging design, etc. It was pretty difficult to keep it under the allowed 650 words! And the good news – apart form the Stevie Award – is that the campaign has worked and sales are happening nicely.

Q: It’s been a big year for Paradise Rescued. Right?

DS: Believe it or not, the year is not yet over for us. There is more really positive news to come through very shortly! But yes, the Stevie Award, a Bronze medal for our 2010 Cabernet Franc at the Melbourne International Wine Competition, the USA sales launch, etc have created excellent momentum for the brand and are helping us steadily progress towards the sustainability of our small company and the protectioin of our heritage in Cardan, Bordeaux.

Paradise Rescued B1ockOne - now on sale in the USA

Paradise Rescued B1ockOne – now on sale in the USA

Q: So what’s next?

DS: Certainly no time for a rest! Coming up very shortly is #CabFrancDay on Sunday 4th December. Cabernet Franc is currently the most exciting wine grape varietal on the planet and the surge in interest from producers to respect this specific day for Cabernet Franc highlights how this amazing wine is now stepping out from the shadows of the last few decades to make a stand for the greatness and recognition it deserves. We will publish more details in our blog next week and urge producers and wine lovers around the world to share their stories with affection.

Q: Thank you David and congratulations again.

DS: Always a pleasure. Thank you.

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