Grape Moments – Paradise Rescued Cloud9 takes Bronze Medal in Melbourne

We are proud and excited to this week announce that Paradise Rescued has been awarded its first wine medal! Our first ever vintage and wine Cloud9 2010 Bordeaux 100% Cabernet Franc has just been awarded a Bronze Medal at the 2016 Melbourne International Wine Competition.

MIWC 2016 Bronze Medal Winner - Paradise Rescued 2010 Cloud9 Bordeaux varietal Cabernet Franc

MIWC 2016 Bronze Medal Winner – Paradise Rescued 2010 Cloud9 Bordeaux varietal Cabernet Franc

We are rapped! But why so much excitement?

Quite simply because Cloud9 Cabernet Franc was our first ever vintage and wine. If anyone had seen our vineyard in 2009, you would not have given it even a one percent chance that , just one year later, it would be possible to produce a good wine, let alone realise a medal award in a prestigious international wine competition.

In late 2009, there was barely any grass remaining between the rows of vines, such was the extent of the misuse of chemical treatment and herbicide application. That’s why it was christened the “Cabbage Patch”. Yet within a one season cycle of organic hands-on care and viticulture, the Paradise Rescued team has achieved this stunning result. And in our view, it sets up set up the potential for better things to come as the steady conversion to a fully organic operation progresses and the soil plus vines recover.

Better still, it also clearly demonstrates the hidden potential of full varietal Bordeaux Cabernet Franc. So often Cabernet Franc plays a secondary supporting role in with Merlot and / or Cabernet Sauvignon in classical Bordeaux wine blends. Tastes and trends are changing. And with a growing global trend towards on elegance, finesse and reduced over-ripeness, Cabernet Franc is rapidly coming back into the spotlight.

Magician and miracle maker. Vigneronne Pascale Bervas in the Paradise Rescued vineyards of Cardan Bordeaux.

Miracle maker and now medal winner. Paradise Rescued Vigneronne Pascale Bervas in the vineyards of Cardan Bordeaux

Full praise has to go to Pascale Bervas our vigneronne for her tireless dedication in the vineyards and also to her daughter Albane, our organic viticultural adviser and winemaker. Congratulations this Bronze medal is for you!

In the book “From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc” our Founder Director David Stannard tells the story of how the mission of Paradise Rescued to sustain the heritage of the Bordeaux village of Cardan, combined with a clear Vision of their future plus boundless passion has converted this rundown vineyard into an award winning winery.

In the USA, Cloud9 2010 Bordeaux Cabernet Franc is marketed under the name of B1ockOne. The book “From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc” is available in both hard copy and e-book version on

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