Your 2016 Guide to the Future – Part II The Plan

Happy New Year. I would like to open this week’s blog by wishing all our customers, fans and readers every best wish for a happy, healthy and successful 2016.

So how are we going to make that happen? We need a plan. Good luck is unlikely to just occur!

Last week, I challenged you to have a look back at the “events” of 2015 that have impacted on your life and to pull out the learnings from them but at the same time ensuring that we do only regard them as events – things that happened one way or another. And to recognise that what happened yesterday is only history and does not have to control or influence what we can make happen tomorrow and in 2016.

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Find somewhere quiet to think through your plan. Find pictures of what you want to achieve to anchor the vision of the goals firmly in your mind.

So let’s get started with a six point plan to help you have a successful year, where success of course is defined by your criteria and measures not populist media. Money is only as important as you choose to make it. And it is rarely linked to happiness – that’s always an inside (your head) job!

  1. Take time to think (or discuss with someone important in your life) about what you want to achieve and see happen. If you need a quiet space to do this, create the time for it. It’s important; remember it’s your life.
  2. Think big. Don’t limit yourself to the small stuff. Set yourself a good challenge.
  3. Write it down. Write down your goals on paper. If you have done the first two points but then don’t do this one, then the whole exercise is wasted.
  4. Get some pictures of what your success will look like or what it will represent to you. Pictures are far more powerful than just words. Our brains can more easily remember them as pictures and this will continually remind you of the goal and pull you towards it.
  5. Put your written goals and your pictures somewhere where you will look at them on a daily basis. Take 30 seconds to look at what you have created.
  6. Be prepared to grow as a person. Enjoy the process of subtle change and development. If you do the same tomorrow as you were doing yesterday, then you can hardly expect the results to be any different?

Don’t hesitate to share your achievements and story back with us. We look forward to hearing your success stories. Happy New Year.

You can do it. I believe in you.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]