Wix.com Facebook page award for Paradise Rescued

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Paradise Rescued Facebook Cover Photo

Wow, what a week, what a kind recognition! Thank wix.com. Two and half years ago, we could barely spell Facebook. This week, wix.com awarded us their prize for best Facebook page cover image design. What a great recognition for our brand and reward for the hard work by Tricia Wiles of Sweet Graphic Design On Line for her amazing brand logo design, her vision, photography and set up of the #Cloud9 #CabFranc bottle pouring its clouds into the glass. If you haven’t seen the design on Facebook itself, click the hotlink here.

Now just before our heads get too big, it is worth remembering what our mission was, still is and, I hope, always will be. Winning awards and prizes is nice – as it is both a pleasure to receive recognition and to be able to pass that on to our team who very much deserve it – but it is not our goal. Our mission remains as always to preserve the rural heritage of our village Cardan and to export high quality Bordeaux wine to Australia.

I am now trying to work out how our commitment to quality and excellence got started! Did this all begin in the vineyard and spread as a culture across our small organization? At that stage we had no website, no Facebook, no marketing approach, no label, and 12 potential designs styles for a logo!! Or is it just a question of recognizing the leadership truth that everyone loves to do a great job and be recognized for it? And that if you set a clear enough Vision and Mission and then allow a team to put their individual talents to work, then magic happens? Either way, magic has certainly happened – everyone has contributed at different stages with different skills and individual passion. We are incredibly proud of what we achieved, our wine, our brand and how we represent ourselves as part of the wine industry in both Australia and France including being a part of the beautiful community of Cardan. We will be more proud again to announce a further leading edge marketing initiative in a couple of weeks’ time as we launch Cloud9 into the Melbourne market. Stay posted…

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