What’s all the fuss with #CabernetDay?

#CabernetDay has attracted a lot of social media attention over the last week or so as we move towards the global social media event on September 1st to celebrate the amazing Cabernet family of wines – our lovely Cabernet Franc, the princess of all grape varieties and Cabernet Sauvignon, one the world’s great and most popular grape varieties.

One of the great powers of social media is its unique ability to connect people all across the planet who have a passion for particular topic. We can’t think of a better way to use this media than to taste, share the experiences and communicate about Cabernet wines. Australia – thanks to its position in the world is proud to open the day with events in Adelaide, Sydney and ours in Melbourne.

Paradise Rescued is hosting a small event here in Melbourne with a few friends. We have organised our English webcast at 2000h Aus EST to talk to anyone and everyone who wants to share their celebrations with us. The recorded webcast on Vokle.com can then be shared at other events as the celebration rolls across the world. We will similarly share a French webcast an hour later at 2100h for all our fans and supporters in France.

As part of the evening, we will be proud to announce the name of our beautiful 2010 Cabernet Franc wine which is currently resting quietly in a temperature controlled secure cellar in Bordeaux. We will also be able to show the design for the bottle label that we will soon be printing ready for the bottles, prior to export to Australia.

What a great evening ahead, I hope you will be able to join our webcast.