The secret is out, we’re on Cloud9

The suspense is over; we have finally announced the name of our wonderful 2010 Cabernet Franc – as part of the #CabernetDay celebrations! Our wine will be called Cloud9 and we are equally pleased to release a copy of the label which will print shortly and be added to the beautiful conical Bordeaux bottles. Naturally, there were a lot of possibilities to choose from but building on our theme of a traditional high quality approach but a modern marketing approach, we have decided on an English name with a difference. If you are in paradise, you feel and believe that you are on Cloud9. Our mission as Paradise Rescued is to maintain (rescue) a special piece of paradise and the name of Cloud9 seems a natural fit with our mission. Anyone who has visited Cardan, knows from the moment that they arrive, that they are in paradise. That’s why we do what we do.

So we welcome Cloud9, a 100% Bordeaux Cabernet Franc, produced organically under a three year conversion programme to full organic viticulture. It is rare (impossible until now – we think) to find a 100% varietal Cabernet Franc varietal in Bordeaux – it is almost always blended. This tells us a couple of things! Firstly, by being unique and different, we have something special to share with our customers. Secondly, if we can produce a wine of that quality with a single grape variety, just imagine what we may be able to achieve in the future with say a Cab Merlot blend. Ummmm, I can’t say too much this week but I hope by next week, this dream may become a reality. Sorry I hope we will be able to share everything very soon.

The news from Cardan is good. Not just because we like to think positively – although that certainly helps – but because the grapes are ripening well as we proceed towards harvest day next Saturday. That will be a full four weeks earlier than last year. As always with viticulture, Mother Nature dominates – let’s hope she sends the storms elsewhere. All fingers crossed.

Just another incredible week! We’re on Cloud9….