More good news from Pascale, our registration with the Wine Union Bordeaux Supérieur has been accepted…

During the week, Pascale wrote (and spoke) to us. Here are her words on the progress of Paradise Rescued’s vines.

“Finally, some news from Cardan! The colour change (‘véraison’) has been initiated thanks to the rain over the last few days and then the return of the heat. The grapes change colour, the vine stops growing and the ripening of the berries begins. The harvest time is therefore expected towards the end of September or the start of October.

The health of the grapes remains perfect to this day. And the flowers are always there” Thank you, thank you so much, Pascale.

Despite France being on annual leave now, the Customs authorities have delivered our vineyard number (EVV), which has allowed us to lodge the Identification Registration with the Wine Growers Union AOC Bordeaux Supérieur. When the fitting out of the winery is complete, Paradise Rescued will be legal and ready to produce our first vintage.