Into the spotlight!!

This week we had our first opportunity to get out and start actively promoting Paradise Rescued and the forthcoming arrival of our 2010 Cloud9 Cabernet Franc into Australia. We were very kindly given the opportunity to speak at the Victorian Manufacturing Leaders quarterly SIRF Roundtable dinner.

As many people know, we put in a lot of energy when this project started to develop a clear picture – our Vision – of what we wanted to achieve and also what our purpose – our Mission – would be. It was a pleasure to be able to passionately present our Mission, Vision and resulting Values through which we operate, to a group of manufacturing leaders. We believe (hope) that our presentation was well received and expect to be able to return to the same group in about three months time with our lovely wine for them to taste and tell us whether we are succeeding. Thank you to Victor Caune, SIRF Rt State Programme co-ordinator, for the opportunity and for having visited our winery personally in Cardan in the middle of this year

This presentation was also an opportunity to develop a standard presentation format for Paradise Rescued and to call once again on the great skills of Tricia Wiles of Sweet Graphic Design to help us promote our brand using the amazing logo.  A shortened version of the presentation will be posted on Facebook and we are working on the video clips for publishing as soon as we possibly can. Watch this space as more of our  team’s great work goes into the spotlight…

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