Happy Birthday Facebook…Paradise Rescued, that is!

There have been a couple of birthdays this week but none more important for us than the first birthday of our Facebook page! More than 80% of all businesses don’t make it to their first birthday and from what I observe, most Facebook pages never live that long also!!

So congratulations to Nathalie, Lauren and David2 for their initiative. What started out as a small project joining new friends on two sides of the earth has now become very much part of the Paradise Rescued brand and central to our communications to in both France and Australia.

The data always tells the story!! And so it with our page. At the heart of this mini success is the “selling” power of Nathalie’s (alias Sœur Petite when she carries a camera) beautiful pictures. They have effectively created the enthusiasm for the page.

You can link to her latest mini album by clicking here.

In the 18 hours following this most recent posting there have been more than 110 visits to the page! We will talk some more mid year about culture but for the moment, we are so proud of our Facebook page and the initiative taken by three young people – when you give them some freedom to act. Nice work team, Happy Birthday Facebook (Paradise Rescued)!!