Good morning, it’s now SAS Paradise Rescued!

With the very big news from last week about our participation in #CabernetDay announced, this week we can now bring you the other big news that we deferred!

Our mission is to protect the heritage of our beautiful village of Cardan France, sustain its rural community, to produce fine high quality Bordeaux wines and to export them to Australia. It is currently popular to substitute “environmental protection” by “sustainability”. Unfortunately, this gives insufficient credit to either activity. Sustainability very much includes protecting the environment but goes further to cover health, safety, community and people as well as embracing financial success. Sustainability is a full package of commitment to those values.

At the end of June, all of our viticultural, wine and marketing activities became part of a limited French incorporated company SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée) Paradise Rescued and was accepted by the Commercial Tribunal in Bordeaux at during July. We have put this company structure in place to provide protection to both our employees, volunteers and contractors and all the amazing activities they undertake for us as well as the organisation from any unforeseen events that might stop the sustainability of what we do.

We can also now confirm that we have purchased the final southerly seven 7 rows (Cherry Tree corner) of our beautiful Hourcat Sud Cabernet Franc block. This provides the solid foundation to maintain the current production level of our unique organic Cabernet Franc wine and financially underpin the operation for the future.

Harvesting has started in Bordeaux with the first pickings of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. We are still looking to harvest our second crop towards the second weekend of September. Fingers crossed!