Earthworms and roses

Sorry, no it’s not the name of a new rock band!! Just another exciting week in our Cardan vineyard. As winter comes to a close, the activity in the vineyard starts to increase. You may have read last week that the pruning is complete. Despite the wet weather, Pascale has been back in the vines, hoeing (aerating) at the base of each vine. The best news is that she has found earthworms have returned to the vineyard – a superb sign that our organic strategy is working fast to restore the natural ecobalances in the vineyard. Very soon, she will sow more wild flowers under each of the rows to stop the spread of grass and to maintain moisture levels in the soil during summer.

Pascale has also planted our first roses on the eastern side (L’hoste) of the Hourcat Sud block. Technically speaking, the roses don’t actually offer any benefits to the vineyard. However for our neighbours, they add some colour and make a very natural partner in the vineyards of Bordeaux.

We continue to receive a lot of encouragement from specialist wine merchants in Melbourne for our wine. The test naturally will be when it arrives here and the tasting can start. Albane confirms that our Cabernet France 2010 is holding up beautifully and is ready to bottle – Bordeaux Supérieur regulations do not allow us to do that before the end of June. Patience!