Congratulations Sarah!! Do we need an IT department?

The best thrilling news this week is the announcement of Sarah Goldblatt’s engagement. Sarah is the developer of our beautiful Paradise Rescued web site. Congratulations Sarah and Andy, with all our best wishes for your future life together.

As most of our fans know, we always like to report good news! If the news is bad, it’s either not worth reporting or it’s an opportunity to make some positive change happen! I understand very clearly that this is not how the world likes to see life, but that’s why Paradise Rescued does it differently. This week’s “challenge” has been in the area of IT. I never thought that I would hear myself say such a thing but, after a week of phished emails from the famous cab_merlot email address (for which I sincerely apologise), we need an IT department! And in so doing, we will then start to officially move to our Paradise Rescued email address. At the same time, we will set up a central secure storage server so as the team can easily exchange colour media around the world. Our amazing photos are fast becoming one of our brand’s most valuable assets.

Once again, we apologise if one of those nasty emails got through to you.