Bottling the magic!!

After much reflection and thought, we have finally found and decided on the bottle for our 2010 Cabernet Franc. A key part of our quality and marketing strategies has been the goal to deliver a quality product at every step but also to create something different that will give our customers a unique experience. A lot of our market research indicates to us the importance of what the bottle and label look like and that immediate appeal it will have with customers as they seek out something special at the bottle shop.

We think our selection of a traditional Bordeaux bottle in olive / brown glass with a conical shape and high shoulders will achieve that outcome. In the photo you will see a picture of the Saverglass Bordelaise Ancienne 2 that we have chosen. Naturally, a great label design and capsule colour / selection will also be very important. Tricia is of course working on that for us too and we can’t wait to see what she achieves.

We are now in discussions with a local Franco-Portuguese in Bordeaux cork supplier to find the right cork for our product that will sustain the challenges of exportation and transportation but at the same time maintain the wine integrity, provide that traditional feel but without any taints, product spoilage nor customer dissatisfaction.

A special vine deserves a special bottle.