Blog, blog, blog – why blog at all? Here’s why…

Our blog continues to reach out to a wider and wider audience every week. In July alone, our pages were read more than 150 times by people from Moscow to Melbourne and Amsterdam to Auckland. Most of our readers will probably have worked out that the principal editor – and we do have several – rarely does anything without some strategy or direction for the future success of Paradise Rescued. So we persuaded him to tell us why he writes the blog.

At every level of this project we try to apply our values as best as we can with a start-up business. And one of our values is Quality and Excellence. Neither Facebook nor Twitter really allows us to adequately inform our customers and supporters. In all aspects of our business, we seek out the best help available. To develop our blog we have sought advice from leading social media and blogging specialist Annabel Candy of Successful Blogging and her straight talking practical guide book Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps.

Chapter One is about defining what the goals of your blog are and the subject / topic areas we want to share. Our key aims are:-

• to share our story and activity with our customers

• to link with our community in Cardan, France and

• to engage with our partners.

In so doing we wish to become and be recognised as a good reference for small sustainable organic wine businesses.

As for topics: we will continue to bring you the news (and we hope best practice) in organic viticulture, specialist microcuvée wine making, Sustainability, the wine market place, our wine(s), our people, our partners and strategies for the future. We hope you enjoy what we write, come back often and please feel free to leave us a comment.

Finally Sœur Petite brought us the latest amazing photos from Cardan. Thanks to our amazing team in France, 2011 could still be a very good vintage.

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