David Stannard – Business Conference Speaker

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Just how does a British born Australian, petro-chemical engineer accidentally create an international award winning boutique organic winery in the south of France?

David Stannard, Founder and Director of Paradise Rescued looks forward to the opportunity to passionately speak to your meeting, conference or workshop. Share in the success story that is Paradise Rescued:-

  • Hear how the challenge to sustain the culture and rural heritage of a small French village led to the development of a successful niche ultra premium wine and brand
  • Discover how a clear Mission and Vision, when combined with a passion for success and achievement, can transform your business
  • Learn how to use social media to your advantage
  • See how a British born Australian resident is helping a small French village to sustain its heritage and redefine the story of Bordeaux wine.

David brings a high level of passion to his presentations, motivating people and organisations to transform the seemingly impossible into reality. He brings a unique breakthrough leadership model thats provides inspiration and empowerment that will change a “Dream into Destiny” and convert a “Nightmare into a Niche”. Be inspired and motivated in one short session. Some of David’s key presentation topics include:- David Stannard - Paradise Rescued Silver Stevie Award 2013

From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc: Why having a compelling Vision for your business is critical for success. What goes into creating and living your Mission and Vision. And how the combination of Mission, Vision and Passion is an unstoppable formula for success and empowerment of your organisation.

The Accidental Winery: How a simple specific decision to stop excessive urban expansion in a small French village led to the creation of a global award winning business brand and exporting unique Cabernet Franc wine to top class restaurants in New York.

Social Media Maniac: How a carefully focussed social media strategy enabled a tiny wine start-up company to find niche customers in Australia and the USA. SAS Paradise Rescued was the winner of the International Silver Stevie Award for New Business 2013.   Please download David’s speaker profile here and contact us via the email Inbox form underneath…


David is The Vision Advocate – and has developed an extraordinary method of helping companies and individuals to refine and articulate their VISION, MISSION, and PASSION in order to achieve outstanding direction and value with drive!