2nd blog: Pascale provides an organic update on our vines

This week I am very proud to present Bervas Pascale, our vigneron. When you look at the pictures of the vines, Pascale’s fantastic work is obvious with pruning accuracy and the new vegetation looking so healthy. We are fortunate to have found a vigneron so devoted.

We aske…d her to give a short introduction to what she does in the vineyards to Cardan. Here are her words ….

“Everything begins with the pruning. It is used to organise the architecture of the vine and to ensure the smooth flow of sap. This is done in winter, when the vegetation is at rest.

In May, the geometry of the new shoots defines the load and desired quantity of the grape harvest. They also serve to create a leaf airy and sunny (hence healthy!) hedge. And eliminate the “gourmands” (ie the greedy shoots on the trunk of the vine).

In organic agriculture, the treatment is done with copper and sulphur. They help protect the vines against downy and powdery mildew, two diseases that thrive in humid climates and near the ocean.We’re also adding extracts of plants (nettle, horsetail, comfrey) to provide the micronutrients (vitamins!) necessary for the proper development of the vine.

Finally, so as the odours of treatment do not upset our nearby neighbours, some Lavender essential oil is added. It smells very good and it also has soothing properties for humans as well as the plants!

“Did you know that our advisor “en bio” Albano Bervas, is the daughter of Pascale? What a team! Albane is consultant / engineer for CIVAM Bio Gironde, organic viticulture experts and advisors around Bordeaux.

Thank you Pascale and Albane for your contribution. I’m sure our fans will enjoy another update in a few weeks. Good luck with the rest of the season.