Why leadership, why personal development, why John Maxwell?

Wow – there’s a title – what does that all mean??!! The memory of three great evenings and two wonderful days in Cardan certainly helped me get through a very full but interesting agenda in Germany. And a further 24 hours in three aeroplanes back to Australia provides more time to read, reflect and plan for the future. I love it.

We talk quite a lot about our team, personal development and leadership. Only one third of our mission specifically talks about wine – the rest is about sustainability of our village and community. In short, that means people, our people. Our Vision is more wine focussed because that’s what we have to achieve in order to realise our Mission. Mission sits higher than Vision – always. Even so, when you look closely, people are there at every step. Without our team, without the commune of Cardan, there is no Paradise Rescued. Failure is not an option, we won’t go there!!

To go up, one has to give up and grow up. Where there is an atmosphere of love and support, big challenges and continual learning then great things happen. Deep down, we all know this is true – yet on a daily basis we violate these principles in our work places and homes.

So where did we learn all this stuff!! The answer is simple – his name, amongst many, is John Maxwell, America’s leadership coach. In front of me, I have open “25 Ways to Win with People” co-authored by John Maxwell and Les Parrott. As you lead and develop a business, it is essential to grow ahead of the demands of one’s team and business. How do you do that? You read! If you want to lead, then you have to learn to read – and we don’t mean fiction! Personal growth is not automatic with responsibility or position. You can’t do it on your own – you need a helping hand.

John Maxwell has been one of our inspirations for many years through his writing, his encouragement, his inspiration to set a clear vision and on how to lead through people. Chapter 5 of the “25 Ways to Win with People” is entitled “Compliment People in front of other People”. One of the things it doesn’t say in that chapter – but I bet it’s coming later – is how much fun and pride it is to be the person or leader passing out those compliments as well as the person receiving them. So, John Maxwell – we compliment you, please keep writing and thank you. The Paradise Rescued team (that’s our leaders) is ready for all you can give us! We want everyone to grow to be the best person / leader they can be.