The Vines are Corking!

It’s David 2 again here from Sunny France with some exciting news! The corks have arrived at the Winery! They look fantastic and the amount of detail that has been able to get onto the cork is incredible. Of course the bottling of the 2010 vintage will be done at the best possible time, with advice from Albane and Pascale it is sure to be done soon, hopefully before the next vintage is picked!

It is quite evident from walking around the vines and speaking with Pascale in my limited French that we need rain. When you walk through the vines there is a definitive crunch on every step you take, it is that dry. Moving towards the bottom of the vineyard it does get a little better. It looks to be an early harvest this year if this continues!

For more photos of our time here and to see how the vineyard is doing why not visit our facebook album?