Summer in France with a View of Vines

Bonjour! It’s David 2 here writing you a blog from the sunny french villa at Paradise Rescued. Wow… So much to tell you! We have come from Australia, for a holiday and to see how all of Pascale & Albane’s work is progressing in the vineyard.

The Vines look superb, they have developed a canopy which far exceeds last year’s standard, the green foliage blends perfectly with the wildflowers which have been sown all around the vineyard. Our friendly 12th century church is still keeping a close eye on the vines and ensuring they develop their plump Cabernet Franc grapes.
The mornings are bright and sunny here and we feel refreshed after only a few days amongst the vines.
Pascale is out working hard in the heat, focusing her attention on the Merlot grapes. We can see by strolling through, that the love and attention she has for the Cabernet Franc has translated across to the Merlot grapes and with any luck, we will have a barrel or two for the next label.
On our first day in Paradise we had the chance to sample the 2010 Cabernet Franc which far exceeds the expectation from the first year of conversion to our organic vineyard. The first thing you notice with a wine this young is the depth of colour that it has, a bright colour which seems rare for a wine this young. The wine has been left to develop it’s complexity and already the oak complexity within this wine is appearing. The tannins in this wine is quite light and in my opinion is perfect for drinking once bottled!
Of course being the Technically minded person, I would invite everyone to have a look at the vines in the tour below.