Cloud9 2010 Bordeaux Cabernet Franc Tasting notes

We’re on Cloud9!

Cloud9 is a classic 100% varietal Cabernet Franc. Here are our five top tasting points:-

  • The colour is a less dense but brighter red than other Bordeaux varietals. It looks lovely.
  • The nose is now a beautiful fine mixture of red currants and cherries, again showing what CabFranc does best.
  • It’s very soft, medium bodied and increasingly complex but still fruity as the one year oak maturation adds its class.
  • For a young red Bordeaux, the tannins are light and very smooth. No big dry taste across the tongue.
  • And finally Cloud9 has an almost endless finish with a lovely slight peppery zing that completes the whole taste experience.


Cloud9 benefits from being decanted into a carafe prior to tasting and serving. We recommend opening the bottle 1 – 2 hours before drinking or decanting 30 minutes before drinking. A little longer won’t do any harm!

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